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250 Full Size Steam table pan liners per box, with Twist Ties

Size: 34" W x 25" H, (Suitable for 6" deep full size steam table pans).

No need to scrub pans when using these disposable liners. Food in the pan never touches the pan which helps in reducing the surface contamination. These liners are microwave safe and can also be used for cold storage. They are designed with a temperature range of -50 to over 220 degrees Fahrenheit. These Steam Table Pan Liners are produced from Polyethylene Resin which fully complies with FDA Rule 177.1520 for Food Contact.

The master carton has four boxes packed for this item. However, there is no minimum order requirement. You can order as low as one box.

You may want to consider ordering more cases (combine other items) for lowering shipping rate per box.

Please note: The image shown is an example of bag style only. Dimensions listed represent the actual size. Please pay special attention to the size.

These liners are not for use in conventional ovens or direct contact with open flame. These liners are suitable for steam tables where heat comes from steam only. 


(width x height)

34" W x 25" H


virgin High Density Polyethylene (HDPE)


Translucent, unprinted


13 micron (0.5 mil)

Liners per order

250 Liners / Roll / Box

Inner core

No Core

Twist ties


Freezer safe


Microwave safe


Temperature range

-50°F to 220°F

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